CHAPTER 3  (Manual 2)

Powers and Duties of Officers









  1. Chief Academic  & Executive Officer of the college
  2. Disciplinary authority
  3. Custodian of records, funds and properties



  1. Construction purpose : Equal to that of Superintending Engineer, Public Works Dept., Govt. of Pondicherry
  2. Purchase : Up to Rs.50,000/- 



  1. Member Secretary of the Governing Body / Purchase committee / Building committee / Academic committee
  2. Vice-Chairman, Staff (Non-Teaching) Selection committee



  1. Management of the college in accordance with the rules and regulation of the college



CHAPTER 4 (Manual  3) 

Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manual and Records, for Discharging Functions


Name / title of the document :       a)  Bye   Laws of the college / Central Civil Service Rules / AICTE Guide lines

                                                   b)   Students: Admission Information Bulletin

Brief write-up on the Document : a)   Rules & Regulation governing the employees of the college, Guide lines for Recruitment of Faculty

                                                   b)    Students Admission procedure

From where one can get a copy of rules, regulations:

                       Dr. P. Dananjayan, Principal

                       Information Officer,

                       Administrative Building,

                        Pondicherry Engineering College,


                        Pondicherry  605 014.

                        Phone No.  :  2655281, Extension : 304