About Us



Pondicherry Engineering college, is a prominent Engineering school, sponsored and fully funded by the Govt. of Puducherry. The College established in the year 1985 under the 7th Five year plan stands discerningly visible in terms of well qualified faculty, state-of-art infrastructure, competitive academic programmes and quality research.

Research has been a vital strength of this Institute. Eight departments of Science and Engineering have been recognized by the Pondicherry Central University for offering Ph.D. programmes. Around 350 research articles are published annually by the faculty, scholars and students. Research projects to the tune of Rs.50 to 60 lakhs are secured every year by the faculty members across the Institute from various funding agencies. The holistic growth of the Institute has opened up a lot of opportunities for industry product testing, certification and consultancy activities. Consequently, PEC is the consultant for all technical activities and projects of the Government of Puducherry.

In the evolving scenario of the world today, with increasing awareness of the ‘knowledge asset’, an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy is needed to preserve the interest of PEC. Of late, researchers of this institute are becoming increasingly conscious of the need and importance of protecting such new knowledge generated through appropriate IPR systems. This has prompted the establishment of an IPR cell in 2016. The IPR cell has formulated its intellectual property policies in alignment with the vision and mission statements of this premier institute and the PEC IPR policy was approved by the Chairman, Governing Body of PEC, and also ratified in the 71st meeting of the General body held on 18th April 2018.

The PEC IPR Cell has been formed to provide guidance to the faculty, staff, students and research scholars on the practices and rules of the PEC pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and facilitates protection of the rights of the Inventor (s) and as well the obligations which include its ownership, commercial exploitation, technology-transfer and end confidentiality requirements. At the same time, it also motivates the faculty, students and researchers of PEC to initiate technology transfer using the Intellectual Property Rights.



The Intellectual Property Rights & Patenting cell aims to fulfill the following responsibilities :

a) To promote IPR awareness
b) To frame and amend IPR policy/guidelines
c) To monitor the implementation of IPR policy of the institute.
d) To arrange for filing of application for patents through IPR Consultants/Attorneys.
e) To coordinate between Inventors, IP consultants, Attorneys and PEC authorities for filing and managing patents.
f) To arrange for periodical IPR Academic audits.
g) To assist in Technology transfer and capitalization of IP assets.