PEC Cultural club is one of the most acclaimed clubs which provides a lively forum for fun and to exhibit extra –curricular potentials of students.  Cultural club serves as an appropriate platform with abundant choices for promoting extra-curricular activities like:

o   Song and dance competition in all varieties

o   Instrumentals

o   Drama

o   Mimicry, Standup comedy

o   Mono acting, Dubs Mash, Fashion parade & lot more…..


Cultural club - PEC mainly focuses:

·        To identify and encourage the potentials

·        To hone the skills of students of PEC

·        To provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the college community.

·        To allow students of PEC to express themselves, while enlightening the peers.

·        To encourage student’s interest, participation and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art.

·        To encourage students and provoke them to be either an on stage or off stage contributor.

·        To provide a venue for exploration of various aspects in the forum, for the exchange of ideas amongst students who share a common interest.

·        To provide inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities.

·        To provide an opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership and decision making skills.

·        To reach out to the others institutes of the nation through various activities and widen their spectrum.